How the advertising will really appear in Wrigley Field’s outfield and Jumbotron

Today, the Chicago Cubs shared more images of their proposed changes to Wrigley Field. One image is particularly misleading. A somewhat detailed look can be found at the Chicago Tribune along with a caption (to the second image above) explaining where actual advertisements will be placed (Full caption pasted in comments below). To the Cubs’ …

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best ever signature on U.S. dollar bills

image courtesy of New York Magazine via Yahoo Word on the street is that Jack Lew is going to be appointed the Sec. of Treasury. What’s that matter for a blog about art, design, technology and other chicago hot dog randomness? Lew’s signature. It is simply pure awesomeness.

stamp confusion

I love patriotism on stamps. I’d like to see a stronger return to patriotic elements on our stamps. The whole cultural recognition on stamps (Simpsons stamps, movie actor stamps, etc.) has become pretty silly and worn out. You can’t wear out the idea of showing a U.S. President or a flag on a stamp. But …

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logo that has aged well

Y’know a logo that has oddly aged well? Little Caesars Pizza. At least this version that popped up in an ad on Though I looked up Little Ceasars logos on google and none are nearly as nice as this black type on orange version. The font is notoriously early 80’s blobby serif, but here …

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New Order Substance 1987 font played me a song from New Order’s Substance album. The album cover’s design struck me. So beautifully simple. It’s only black and white, no gray, certainly no colour, with one font delicately centered vertically and strongly centered on the horizontal plane. The single graphical element of a line ties everything together while providing a …

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stupid graphic design quote #4

Okay, this is the third and final stupid graphic design quote. I just can’t do any more. “Stupid graphic design quotes are… stu… stup… stupendous, stupidly stupendous, stupendously stupid. That’s it.”

stupid graphic design quote #3

“Pantone 7410 is so stupid”. Seriously though. Look at Pantone 7410. It is hideous. Why in the world is it nestled between Pantone 7409 and 7411?

stupid graphic design quotes #1

Hmph. Can’t find much anything on Google for stupid graphic design quotes. Looks like I’m gonna have to take care of that market.