carlos zambrano ERA

Yesterday, I picked Carlos Zambrano to win the NL Cy Young Award. He gave up 8 earned runs in 1.1 innings. That’s an ERA of 54.00. I am happy that baseball is a 162 game season. Though Jason Heyward, my MVP pick, accounted for 3 of Zambrano’s 8 runs with his 3-run homer in his very first MLB at bat. Still, I’d rather have a strong outing from the Big Z and a Cubs win.

By the way, Jeff Samardzija, currently has the worst ERA in baseball (as of 10:45 pm 4/5). 108.00. Triple digits there. I had the distinct dissatisfaction of listening to the game in the car while driving home when Samardzija was pitching. “Pitching”? Yea, I guess. He walked the first three batters he faced and then gave up a bases clearing double. He wound up giving up three more runs, one of which was earned. He was yanked after getting one batter out. The math comes to 108. In case you’re wondering, Zambrano is third to last in ERA.