cargo container origami

“Container Origami”
by Wouter Roeterink, Ron Nout,
Femke Bijlsma and Allard Roeterink
welded by Vincent Petit

I love art that takes recognizable objects and transforms them into something else forcing us to re-evaluate how we view and approach objects and our surroundings.

photos of the construction of this amazing “folded” 40ft cargo container beast here.

This was an entry for FollyDock IFCR, the International Folly Contest Rotterdam. It was a “competition for artists, designers, and architects. The assignment was to design an original folly in the context of the Rotterdam harbour area. One condition was to overcome the restrictions of professional practice and to stretch the boundaries of fantasy and reality. The result was an exposition of follies, built in and around Heijplaat, during Rotterdam 2007, city of architecture.”