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Driver: You are the Wheelman” is one of the greatest video games ever. I have it on my old Powerbook Pismo running Mac OS 9.2. The greatest part of the game is the “Take A Ride” option where you can simply drive around either San Francisco or Miami. However, if you crash into a car or cause property damage and happen to pass by a police car, then a chase shall commence. The police seek justice by ramming into your car until your car is wrecked. Sweet. I prefer to drive around San Fran. The car has a lot of bounce to it and the rolling hills of San Fran make for a complete joyride.

The clip below is a 9 second taste of the action. I’d hate the be the driver of the brown pickup truck. What would you think if you saw a car come flying over a hill, roll over, hit your truck, then hit your truck again because a police car rams into the overturned car. YIKES!

More Driver: You are the Wheelman videos can be seen at my youtube page. More will be added in the coming days. Most of the clips are no longer than 20 seconds. If you like watching flying car wrecks, then you better visit my youtube page.

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Matt Maldre
16 years ago

Do I have a computer that still has OS 9? Are you kidding? I spend most of my day at work in Quark 4.1, which runs on OS 9. I have not played (nor heard of) Driver: You Are the Wheelman.