camera with ZINK

Last week, Polaroid and Polaroid “Creative Director” Lady Gaga announced the GL30 digital camera which also prints ZINK (zero ink technology) prints. It’s a beatiful device with no price tag yet and scheduled availability in Fall 2011. Think traditional Polaroid camera, but with ZINK prints and digital photographs instead of film. However, that camera is not the subject of this post.

I was curious if there were other Polaroid cameras on the market that had ZINK printers built-in. Enter the TOMY xiao
TIP-521 Digital Camera with Built-in ZINK
. It’s a beautifully designed compact camera. Unfortunately it is sold only in Japan.

At least I thought it was a slick camera until I saw this commercial which somehow tainted or at least altered that perception:

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Matt Maldre
13 years ago

The photos that come out of that camera are crap.

13 years ago

Their advertising team RAWKS! “Hey guys… let’s make it POOP photos! *everyone cheers*”