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Get your very own Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank on for only $19,999.95. I added this puppy to my wish list.

The reviews at the bottom of the page are funny. Here’s a sample:

Finally, a tank you can trust, December 1, 2005

Reviewer:Thomas Dunham “Los Pepes” (Catonsville, Maryland United States)

I’ll admit it. Shopping for a personal tank can be a bit daunting. Many times in the past I’ve purchased overpriced, so-called “battle tanks”, then driven them into battle only to be wrecked in ten minutes by the first blow off of some insurgents home-made morter.

But not this baby, no way.

This tank R-O-C-K-S! Literally- the 400-watt sound-system keeps me rockin like a crazy man as I’m dishing out justice commando style. Wow. I just can’t say enough. And the kids love it, too- imagine the look of terror in the eyes of the enemy as I’m dropping off my kid’s team to their soccer game. Shock and awe, my friends, SHOCK AND AWE!

I had NAO install the optional GPS-guided white phosphorus missile system, and talk about *SWEET*! Burn baby burn!!!

Oh, it also has plenty of room for groceries, and if you need to like move a loveseat or something it’ll fit if you use a little bungee cord.

The only real negative with this tank is that it shows up on radar a little more than I like (although there is a polyresin graphite stealth model available). Also, the included spare isn’t full size.

Overall, a great tank.

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Mark R
Mark R
18 years ago

Thank you Laura!!! I had been looking at this thing for quite a while and thinking that it looked like something I’d seen in a Sci-Fi movie but for some reason, I couldn’t remember which movie or which vehicle.

Jabba’s barge is exactly what I was thinking of, but couldn’t remember.

Laura K.
Laura K.
18 years ago

I wonder how much Jabba’s authentic sail barge would cost. This “Jabba-like” tank costs almost $20K. Would the real Jabba sail barge cost more? Like if George Lucas auctioned it off? How much would people pay for Jabba’s sail barge?

You could buy an empty plot of land, and put the barge/tank there, and live in it, like it was a trailer or something.

Mark R
Mark R
17 years ago

Loving the anti-Monkee Butt powder concept. We should all buy some based solely on the name.

Doesn’t baby-powder do the exact same thing though?


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