buy an authentic Wrigley Field brick

The Chicago Cubs are now selling authentic Wrigley Field bricks for $30 a pop.

I just received the email from moments ago.

No, it’s not the bricks from the famed outfield wall. You won’t be getting a brick with Keith Moreland’s blood stain. I don’t know if Keith Moreland ever ran into the outfiled wall, but I’m sure he did at one point or another.

Most likely the bricks are from the exterior wall on the north side of Wrigley seeing as they replaced that entire wall when they redid the bleachers. I’m just hoping that my brick won’t have any homeless person’s DNA on it. eewwwww.

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Matt Maldre
18 years ago

My brick will have A.J. Pierzynski’s blood on it. Oh wait, the fight happened at the Cell.

Mark R
Mark R
18 years ago

I would throw mine at Ronny Woo Woo…


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