Brookfield Zoo Sting Ray Bay

Spring is here (at least technically) and the Brookfield Zoo Sting Ray Bay opens its doors today. My family loves the zoo and we’re dedicated members. It’s an incredible resource that we’re always amazed to experience. Though I feel obligated to warn patrons planning a visit to Sting Ray Bay. Be sure to read my post from last year about my Sting Ray Bay experience.

Basically, don’t buy into all the marketing hype about being able to touch the sting rays if you’re with a child under the age of five. A sample of such marketing can be found in the zoo’s recent Facebook post, “Guests of all ages can access and touch the stingrays”. Sorry Brookfield, but that’s a lie. There’s no way their arms will be able to reach that far into the water.

Now they may have remodeled the exhibit since last year to change accessibility. But I will assume it is still status quo since I have not received a response to my email sent to the zoo last year. I don’t plan on taking the $3 gamble to find out things haven’t changed, and more importantly I don’t want my child to potentially experience the same let-down from last year.