blogs are like artists

Recently the unlikely moose blog has received some criticism from one commenter whose alias references a certain starchy food product. This starchy food product person questioned the nature of the recent “chisel(s)” blog entries. I was quick to respond that a good blog often is like a quality museum that showcases a wide variety of artists. You see, blog entries are like Art.

Some blog entries are stories of personal experiences that interests only friends, family, and/or just the person who is writing the blog. Those blogs posts are like Renaissance portrait paintings. At the time those paintings were made the only interested parties were people who knew whom to associate the painting with: the person who commissioned the painting.

Some blog posts are deceptively simple, yet any one person can spend countless hours meditating on it. That’s what my chisel(s) posts are like. (well, that’s the theory at least).

Now, some blogs focus on a single topic, say baseball. Those blogs are like galleries that display a certain style of Art.

I have no conclusion for this blog entry. What style of Art does that represent? I’m not sure. So I’ll end this blog post on a Dada note. Defensive cooks changed the book that provided instant UV protection.