i think Jeff Kent is saying, “I can’t believe Biggio dropped the ball!” The Cubs were losing 5-4 last night when Biggio dropped a routine fly ball in the 7th inning which allowed two runs to score making it Cubs 6 Astros 5. Andrea and I were listening to the game on the radio. Plays like that are awesome on the radio. I’ll do my best to replay the call here.
Pat: There’s a deeeep drive by Alou. It’s going way back.
Ron: YES! YES!
(Erik: Homerun! Homerun!)
Pat: Biggio is running towards the line. And he will make the… BIGGIO DROPS THE BALL! BIGGIO DROPS THE BALL!
Ron: YES! YES!
Erik: **slamming dashboard in excitement**
Andrea: **honking car horn**
Pat: Two runs will score. Cubs lead 7-5!
Ok, I made up the part about Andrea honking the horn, but she was excited too.