big blue stuffed plush bear

He’s 6′ 8″ tall. He’s blue. He’s a bear. And he’s all yours for 200 bucks. He’d be perfect to bring as a companion to Cubs games next season. I’m not sure if the happy old man comes with him.

Hit the “click to enlarge” link on the page and you see about a dozen photos of the happy old man with the 6′ 8″ bear. Most of the photos feature the happy old man holding the bear really high. I think he’s trying to give a sensation for the extreme height of the bear. “Look! He’s like 3 feet taller than me!” But such tactics have the opposite effect on me. I see through his height deception practices. I wish there was a photo of the bear simply standing on the ground next to the happy old man.

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Matt Maldre
15 years ago

the old man is clearly trying to demonstrate what it would be like to bring a three-foot tall bear to a cubs game.

Two-hundred dollars? What a steal. Quick, stop me from bidding!