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I was recently asked to put a custom message on a score board (or scoreboard depending on your spelling pref). The best solution I came across was the font, Times Square available for free download here. It was designed by Charles Minow in 1996. It’s a TrueType font, so it will work on both Macs and PCs. However, be a little wary about using it for professional printing. It could have some issues. You’re best bet is to outline the font after use. I was using in a Photoshop image so I wound up rasterizing it before I did all my skewing and distorting.

At the request of commenter, spudart, here’s the Photoshop settings:

Complete image size: 1932 x 2576 pixels.
Size of portion with Photoshopped text: 367 x 194 pixels.
The size of the Photoshopped portion is a factor when trying to replicate this effect.

color of text: R255 G211 B133

Layer Style > Inner Glow: Multiply; 75% Opacity; 0 noise; R255, G204, B190; Softer Edge; 0 Choke; 5 Size, 50 Range, 0 Jitter

Layer Style > Outer Glow: Lighten; 75% Opacity; 0 noise; R185, G85, B11; Softer Edge; 0 Choke; 5 Size, 50 Range, 0 Jitter

Layer Style > Drop Shadow: Lighten; 100% Opacity; R89, G17, B53; Angle: 131; Use Global Light on; 0 Distance; 4 Spread; 16 Size; 0 Noise; Layer Knocks Out Drop Shadow on

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Matt Maldre
12 years ago

Can you post what you did with the scoreboard font?

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