best graphic ever

I visited the site of one of my Google ad sponsors because they had an interesting Polaroid ad and I stumbled across the greatest design graphic of all time. It appears on their “flash single-use disposable Carnival camera“. Since the graphic is from a photograph, I recreated it in Illustrator and saved it as a gif shown above.

You can download the Illustrator 8 EPS file or download the zipped EPS.

$2.25 for a disposable film camera isn’t a bad price. The cheapest I’ve seen them in person is $3 at any Target. But who can pass up a “Carnival” camera with the greatest graphic of all time?

The place that’s selling the “Carnival” camera is called which only adds to entire quirkiness of the situation. Batteries? and Butter? That’s the most incredibly weird combination. I suppose both can be considered staples of our culture. But the idea of combining butter and batteries really is odd.

As a side note, requires a $20 minimum purchase and shipping estimates are only provided if you give them your full address. I don’t think I’ll be buying nine Carnival cameras from batteriesandbutter because of their poor shopping cart design. Sorry.