best blog posts from 2006

It’s time to sum up what I think are the best blog posts of 2006.
Here’s the awards:

best rant
Sears Tower is taller than Petronas Towers and Taipei 101
Petronas and Taipei 101 never knew what hit ’em.

best photoshop job
double Hancock
now that’s a tall building

best graphic design critique
harolds chicken or new KFC logo?
crazy ax-yielding chef or sharp, clean, professional logo?

best random observation
he had a jackhamma

best advice for dominating friends and co-workers
whirlyball strategies and secrets
become the king of whirlyball and the world will be at your feet

best chart found exclusively on
World Cup soccer team odds to win
was gonna go with my rockin’ fantasy football chart, but only 8 people in this world can enjoy that chart (that’s the 8 people who were in my league)

best “never mind” post
new wayfinding techniques at barbican arts centre
I wrote a fairly lengthy (at least in internet terms) review of the redesigned Barbican Arts Centre and followed it up with a comment one day later saying, “stet everything I said. The place looks like a parking garage.”

best Cubs post
why the Cubs suck
2006 was the year I spent the whole season complaining why Dusty Baker should be fired. I couldn’t decide which blog post was better so here’s a double whammy.

best set of links found exclusively on
Destro Mask, Destro figures, Destro history
what can I say? Destro rulz

best technology review
macbook vs. pc windows laptop comparison
buy a macbook. My wife and I just bought one.

best science tidbit
deepest man-made hole on earth
almost made it as Post of the Year.

best art
Jell-O sculpture or Jello sculpture
I choose this post because it had the most comments of all my art posts.

coolest item
Monday, January 1st will feature a post covering the coolest items of 2006. It will have its own post, because there are so many items to cover. Please hold any comments for such items until the January 1st post.

Now, for the biggest awards

best link
moscow subway photos
This cracks me up every time I see it. Those crazy Russians! ***waving hands in air***

best from “what is it?” series
what is it?
There have been 18 editions of “what is it?” in 2006. I choose this particular edition because no one guessed it correctly and that always brings me great joy. Actually, Spudart guessed correctly, but changed his answer!
Guesses included webcam, espresso machine, clamping device, headphones, podcast microphone set, shoe shiner, car buffer, plasma torch, and the Hope Diamond.

buy a tank on
April 21, 2006
This post also received the most comments of all 2006 posts with 11 through 12/28/2006 (besides the 20-some posts that spudart left on my post about the world cup).
That’s right. The JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank made it to the big time. This ultimate party machine would make for a great place to celebrate and bring in 2007 with a bang.

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Mark R
Mark R
17 years ago

I’m a little disappointed that the RollerToaster blog post didn’t win an award.

Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

I think your “what is it” series was the best of ’06!


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