AT-AT bunk bed

After the previous post, I got to thinking that the best kind of bed would not be of the Millennium Falcon variety, but rather an AT-AT. A little Google search pulled up a bunch of results where some guy built a monsterous AT-AT bed. It’s a bit unrealistic unless you live in an airplane hangar.

Here’s one that’s a bit more realistic for those of us living in normal-size houses with normal-size rooms. Just look at that lucky kid. I have one serious problem with this design. Why does the bottom bunk even exist? Who would ever want to sleep underneath an AT-AT when you sleep on the top bunk and be at the controls of an AT-AT? Then again, I suppose the kid in the bottom bunk can pretend to be Luke Skywalker and attack the AT-AT. Alright. I can see that. I’ll tell you one thing; I CALL TOP BUNK!

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Mark R
Mark R
14 years ago

Nope, I want bottom bunk. That top bunk looks smaller and more closed in. You’d get hot and claustrophobic sleeping up there.

Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

Well, I live in a loft, so the bigger the better (one of the reasons I call for “bigger” art from you and your twin [and other artists] … I have big walls to fill! HA!) I never cared for the top bunk. I prefered the “cocoon” like comfort of the lower bunk