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In the art section of ebay they have a “Top Ten List”:
1. Modern Drawings
2. Modern American Paintings
3. Botanical Prints
4. Antique Drawings
5. Natural History Prints
6. Folk Art
7. Self-Representing Artists
8. Modern Limited Edition Prints
9. Antique European Paintings
10. Modern Sculpture, Carvings

Botantical Prints is number 3? Really? Actually botantical prints can be really cool. I thought I had a blog post on botanical stuff, but i never posted it. About 4 months ago I really got into it and I found an awesome site on botantical illustrations. I was going to use those illustrations for graphical treatments on my upcoming website, (coming soon), but I decided to go with a clean, crisp look.

I’m really surprised at the lack of conceptual artwork on ebay. AOAE no longer exists. They had good stuff. Does anyone know of any sellers who consistently sell conceptual art on ebay?

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Matt Maldre
18 years ago

yeah tom. we need to sell stuff. oh wait. i need to make stuff first.

Tom Saaristo
Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

I can’t wait to see what you guys put up! My PayPal account is ready, willing, and waiting … you [i]will[/i] take PayPal … won’t you? Meh … whatever, I’m ready! Bring on da art!

Laura K.
18 years ago

obliverate? what the h*** does that mean? that’s not even a word!

Laura K.
18 years ago

i’m not in on this bet, by the way. i do not accept. i don’t need a rematch. i am already a champion. you testosterone “twins” do whatever you need to do to feel like men.

Matt Maldre
18 years ago

obliterate/obliverate = laura kesselring

Laura K.
18 years ago

i’m not in the dust. i’m not even on the road. i’m not in on this bet. i’m at school, nowhere near your dust. so the joke’s on you, making dust only you will be eating!

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