architecture than challenges physics

The United Arab Emirates has recently become the home to some incredibly glitzy architecture. I appreciate how they are challenging the status quo. But so much seems to exist just for shock value. Take Capital Gate by RMJM for example. Here’s the info from archdaily:

Capital Gate, the iconic leaning building in Abu Dhabi, reached halfway point. The building, designed by international architects RMJM, will lean 18 degrees westward, 14 degrees more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

To make this possible, the central core of the building slants in the opposite direction to the lean of the structure, and it straightening as it grows. It sits on top of a 7-foot-deep concrete base with a dense mesh of reinforced steel. The steel exoskeleton known as the diagrid sits above an extensive distribution of 490 piles that have been drilled 100 feet underground to accommodate the gravitational, wind and seismic pressures caused by the lean of the building.

It’s good to see today’s technology advancing so greatly which allows for such structures to be built. But part of me is just waiting for physics to truly have the final say and put man in his place. Then again people were probably saying the exact same thing when the world’s first skyscraper, The Home Insurance Building in Chicago, was built in 1885.

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15 years ago

It’s neat, but I just don’t find it visually appealing (maybe because it’s not complete?).

The building in yesterday’s post were NEAT though!