architecture in helsinki 2008 album of the year?

Borders had a 40% off CD sale a couple weeks ago (limit 3 per customer). Sometimes I just like to wander the Borders music section, pick up CDs based on the band name and the album art, and listen to the samples of each song via Borders’ kick a55 scan and listen system. One of the CDs I bought was “Places Like This” by Architecture in Helsinki.

The name, “Architecture in Helsinki” automatically made me very curious. Being Estonian, I have a strong effection for all things Finnish, so I knew this CD was gonna be interesting on some level. And the album cover is pretty trippy. It would look great on a vinyl cover or on a poster.

I’m no music critic, but this CD has a unique, fun sound. I proudly place this CD between my They Might Be Giants and George Clinton collection. Architecture in Helsinki sounds nothing like TMBG or George Clinton, but the basic feel of AIH music reminds me of them. And one of the lead singers reminds me of the front man for B52s. That B52 guy cracks me up. I’m not sure yet where this CD ranks in my all-time favorite collection, but right now I’d say it’s the clear front runner for my 2008 album of the year.

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Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

I like to hear that you have a strong affinity for all things Finnish, but the band is Australian. Their debut album was actually released on my birthday in ’02 or ’03 and, my last name being Finnish, I received it as a birthday present from a longtime friend. I think you would get a kick out of a song called “It’5” (pronounced “It’s Five”). I don’t know why. The name of your CD is “Places Like This” Funny you should mention TMBG because I thought the same thing the first time I heard them. There is something about their… Read more »