andre dawson coin

Just recently, I heard someone say they didn’t like Andre Dawson. It was just an ignorant Sox fan. How can any red-blooded American not like Andre Dawson? He’s the Abraham Lincoln of baseball.

In fact, the U.S. Government should come out with a new monetary unit. The 8 cent Dawson coin. (8 cents because Andre Dawson wore #8 on his jersey). The front side of the coin would have a portrait of Andre. The back side of the coin would have a portrait of a soaring hawk. (Dawson’s nickname was the Hawk.) I made a nice graphic contrast illustration of Andre Dawson in 3/4 profile about 5 years ago. That would make for a fine coin.

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

Because as we all know all too well 3/4 portraits are more popular and easier to draw the full face portraits ;^)


[…] the Hawk was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Four years ago, I blogged how there should an eight cent coin commemorating the greatness of Andre Dawson. The front side of the coin would be the portrait of […]