all concrete building

It’s a giant concrete rectangle and a door and I love it. The size of the concrete slabs really make this work. If the surface’s texture was completely flat, then it wouldn’t be as exciting. This is going to inspire me to construct a large LEGO sculpture block with a door. I wish LEGO would make blocks that have a printed concrete texture. The idea of a simple door surrounded by a large vast mass always interested me. Here’s an example of that look.

The tracking (letter spacing) of “LAD” annoys me when compared to how close that text treatment is to the door. The tracking should not any wider than the text’s distance from the door. Though the use of white is sharp. Concrete and white is a great pairing. Very fresh. Black would have made the whole building more gloomy and moody. White freshens it up.

I’m still trying to consume the interior. Part of me thinks it’s a poor use of the space, but then again the open environment gives a good sense of scale. I know I can’t stand those stair railings. They are way too dainty. Contrasting elements are good, but those railings are distracting and dippy.

interior and additional exterior views available via dezeen