ah and eh

from an IM conversation with spudart:

yikesmoose (3:28:14 PM): this’ll be my 8th review
yikesmoose (3:28:54 PM): actually that’s not true. there were two or three years in a row where i didn’t have a review cuz the company wasn’t handing out bonuses or raises
spudart (3:29:11 PM): ah
yikesmoose (3:31:39 PM): that’s andrea’s old initials: ah
yikesmoose (3:31:46 PM): andrea h…..
yikesmoose (3:32:06 PM): if i took andrea’s name when we got married, then our initials would be eh and ah
spudart (3:32:06 PM): ha
spudart (3:32:13 PM): that’s funny

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago


Now not getting bonuses or raises for two or three years in a row is nothing to laugh at!

Laura K.
18 years ago

good luck on your review!