affordable slow-motion camera

Looking for an affordable camera that can capture slo-motion footage? How does 1,200 frames per second work for you? Yea, that’s right. One thousand two hundred in one second. It’s the Casio EXILIM Pro EX-F1 and it retails for $1000. The catch is that the resolution at the 1,200 FPS setting is a tiny 336 x 96. There are two other Hi-Speed modes. Here’s the list of all the burst (or “High-Speed as Casio calls it) modes:
Hi-Speed: 512
384 (300 fps), 432
192 (600 fps), 336
96 (1200 fps)

When slo-mo isn’t what you need, there’s also HD and standard movie modes:
Standard: 640
480 (30 fps)
HD: 1920
1080 (FHD HQ/FHD Normal, 60 fields per second), 1280
720 (HD LP, 30 fps)

Below is a nice collection of footage shot with 600 frames per second and 1200 frames per second. My favorite is the lighter igniting at the 1 minute 29 second mark. Other sections include light bulbs being smashed by a hammer, an ornament being smashed by a hammer, a kooshy ball splatting against the wall, and much more.