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To commemorate this week’s Taste of Chicago celebration, here’s a Google Maps satellite image of the world’s United States’ most famous fountain: Buckingham Fountain. We’ve all seen images and video of ol’ Bucky countless times, but seeing an aerial view is quite unique.


From an IM converstation a few nights ago with my brother:

yikesmoose: did you know that buckingham fountain has its own mailing address?
spudart: yes
yikesmoose: !
spudart: it also generates about $200 in change a year
yikesmoose: that’s it?
200 bucks?

spudart: where did i read that?
i just read that recently
i think it was in time out chicago
yikesmoose: so I can go over to buckingham fountain with 200 pennies, dump ’em in there, and then say that I contributed 1% of their annual income?
that’s seems sad for one of the world’s most popular fountains. Lemme correct that. that seems sad for the world’s most popular fountain. Tell me of a fountain that’s more famous that Buckingham Fountain.

spudart: that’s what the article was about
how it’s sad that we don’t compare to the world
yikesmoose: i think there’s some city worker who is pocketing like 90% of what goes into Buckingham Fountain
spudart: yup
yikesmoose: I can picture it now. Time Out Chicago goes to interview the Buckingham Fountain people. They ask how much money comes out of the fountain annually. The response is “$200” only because the guy that collects it doesn’t want people to know he’s pocketing thousands of dollars.
That’s totally Chicago.

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Kristina J.
Kristina J.
14 years ago

I bet more tourists would throw money in the fountain if one could still cross Lake Shore Drive right across from the fountain.

I love how people look like little specks or ants in the google aerial image. ๐Ÿ™‚

Matt Maldre
14 years ago

Where did the fountain go? Interesting how the different levels in the fountain is green. It barely looks like that all the green is actually standing water.

Matt Maldre
14 years ago

Wikipedia has a list of famous fountains:

Notice which one is first on the list. You know it! Also, the only other american fountain on this list is Swann Memorial Fountain in Philadelphia. “During warm months, swimming in the fountain is a long-standing Philadelphia tradition. In the summer of 2006, the City of Philadelphia began enforcing a swimming ban with a near constant security presence. This presence will taper off and disappear completely by 2009.”

SWIMMING in the fountain? Please. That’s not world-class. Swann Fountain, you are off the list.

Check out this cool fountain: comment image

Matt Maldre
14 years ago

While having this blog post up, I taped a penny to my screen where the fountain was showing. Virtual penny tossing! Check out the photo at:

14 years ago

Just wanna pass along a “shout out” to my 25-year-old nephew, Matt Lacey, for being the top overall male finisher and placing 1st in the June 28th Taste Of Chicago 5K run. He took top prize by running it in 16:07. Way to go, Matt! I can’t even drive 5K in just over 16 minutes. Okay, maybe I can.


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