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The Picture in Picture series is a study in the relationship between organic and geometric representations and the idiosyncrasies within these elements.

The soothing, yet ebullient surface of the paintings create the groundwork for the ethereal atmosphere consuming the entire surface. Yet the earthy use of browns, yellows and blacks tenders a palpable emotion. This dualistic organic experience is sensual, yet tangible.

One’s consumption is enhanced further with the introduction of the contrasting rigid elements consistently exposed in a caesural, vertical manner. The composition of cutting lines formulates various cages where the celestial space is either captured or allowed emancipation. Within this pseudo-geometric zone lies its own dualistic relationship where flatness congeals with depth.

The interplay of light and architectural elements is a curiosity I hope to continue analyzing in future paintings.

– erik maldre –

Only $29 each plus $5 shipping.

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or you can visit each painting through these links if you wish.
Picture in Picture Composition I
Picture in Picture Composition II
Picture in Picture Composition III
Picture in Picture Composition IV
Picture in Picture Composition V
Picture in Picture Composition VI
Start Blue Clouds Ground

Each painting is 8×10″ and comes in a 1 3/8″ thick, matte black, Nielsen Bainbridge Studio all-metal frame. This frame comes equipped with an easel stand and hanging hardware built-in. If you wish to hang the painting on the wall, the easel stand tucks into the frame so the frame hangs flat against the wall. There are no folding tabs in this frame. The Artwork is held in place by spring tabs.

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