a non-bargain at the dollar store

Some items at dollar stores are great bargains as mentioned in my two previous posts for fake Optimus Prime toys, and foam brushes.

And then there are items that don’t save you any more money and you just end up with a crappier product. Such is the case with painters masking tape.

Home Depot sells Scotch 3/4 In. X 60 Yds. Painter’s Masking Tape Blue for $3.47. Dollar Tree sells “tape-it” 54 feet Painters Masking Tape (blue). Note the Depot product is 60 YARDS and the D.Tree product is 54 feet.

The Depot tape is 1.93 cents per foot. The Dollar Tree tape is 1.85 cents per foot. So the Depot tape is 4% more expensive.

I haven’t tested the Tape-It tape yet. It might work just as well as the Scotch tape or it might not. There is a 4 percent savings, but I’m not making any extra runs to the Dollar Tree to buy their painters tape when I can buy it at the Depot at the same time that I’m buying paint. Sorry, Dollar Tree. You lose here.

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Matt Maldre
13 years ago

In this case the Dollar Tree should be called the Faller Tree.