Congrats to frequent unlikelymoose.com blog commenter, Tom Saaristo, for officially making the 5,000th comment on this blog!

I’d like to thank everyone who frequently visits my blog and to all those that have left comments on this blog, except for the spammers. Spammers do bad. This blog has helped me grow in many different ways and I’m happy you have come along for the ride.

Special thanks go out to those who have frequently left comments throughout the years. I could not have remained committed to this blog for the past seven years without your insight, feedback, and commentary.

The 5,000th comment was left on the “gray polar bear” post. Here is the text:

White polar bear walking by a window during a snowstorm:

Posted by: Tom Saaristo on Jan 19, 11 | 8:38 am

I love the conceptual nature to this historical comment. Thanks, Tom!

Below is a screen capture of said comment.

And the image from my admin control panel show there indeed are 5,000 comments:

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Tom Saaristo Saaristo
13 years ago

WOOHOO! I did it! It is my infinite pleasure to be a regular commenter! This is a very nice reward!

Matt Maldre
13 years ago

5,000 COMMENTS cool. When I get home, I’ll run a few commands to get some analysis on the top commenters, top words used, etc.

Tom Saaristo Saaristo
13 years ago

spud, I recall that you have recognized those who hit milestones on your site iin the past. Is that something that you just haven’t done lately? Honestly, I was always secretly hoping I might hit a milestone number on your blog or this one … and my dream came true! By the way, not to make it all about me … lol … congratulations, mooose! Maybe I should check the numbers on my tiny little blog and see what they reveal

13 years ago

The big FIVE-TRIPLE-O! Nicely done!