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Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

Thanks for the link. I’ve been subscribed to Chronicle Books when they became a client of mine while at the Trib. Lately I’ve only been getting their emails sporadically. The Eames Stamps are quite cool. I used to actively collect stamps. I have a nice alphabet set already, but not that font. Funny story tough, Chronicle used to have “email reply” contests where all you had to do was reply to their email with a word or pharse in the subject line in the hopes of winning a prize. I actually one a prize one month. It was a kitchen’s-worth… Read more »

Laura K.
19 years ago

i have an alphabet set too, in a “font” that resembles American Typewriter. i used to use those stamps in my ceramics class a few years ago, to stamp letters/words into wet clay. made some cool pieces that way.

anyone know what the shipping costs are? i can’t find any mention of it.

Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I started receiving Chronicle’s emails again! Mystic!