3″ wood discs

I was looking for 3″ wood discs that are at least 0.25″ thick. I found the secret keyword to search on the internet. It took me a while to find it. I searched craft supply stores, woodworking stores, and ebay. I searched for discs, disks, circles, and toys and the biggest size is 2.25″. Home Depot’s largest circle drill attachments are 2.375″, so I can’t cut them myself. It’s too cold out anyway to be doing woodworking. I also came across 3″ wood discs that are .125″ thick and discs that are 2 15/16″ x 0.25″. That won’t cut it. And plywood isn’t an option either. I did find 3″ dowel rods, but I’m not forking over $45 for a dowel rod. Sorry.

So the secret is to search for wood wheels; slab wheels or flat wheels more specifically. It makes sense. Crafters and hobbyists need wooden wheels for their wooden car projects.

Casey’s Wood Products has 2.5″ diameter x 0.75″ thick wood for $0.40 a pop. Not quite to 3″, but not bad. Casey’s also has 4.5″ diameter by 0.75″ thick wood for $0.90 each. 4.5 inches! That’s a little too big.

American Woodcrafters Supply sells twelve 3″ diameter by 0.75″ thick wheels for $12.99. Though they’re not slab wheels which I prefer.

Cherry Tree Toys has 2.75″ diameter by 0.75″ thick wheels for $0.85 each, but the edges are treaded. The same goes for their 3″ x 1″ wheels ($1.07 each). They have 2.5″ x 0.75″ wheels like Casey’s for $0.65.

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15 years ago

I just want some 3inch discs to decoupageand I can’tfind them. I will try these.