2nd best christmas cd ever

2nd best Christmas CD ever: “Christmas Chill”
available at Pottery Barn for $10
“Celebrate the season with this collection of Christmas classics remixed with a hip beat and cool attitude.”
True Dat. All 12 songs are remixes. They infuse traditional instruments (trumpets, piano, etc.) with nice heavy, yet well arranged beats and sampling. I enjoy techno when the beat doesn’t get too trancey. The exact same beat drives me nuts. Remixes need variety. This CD does an excellent job of keeping a good beat with plenty of variety.

Some of the artists remixed include Bing Crosby, Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Patti Page, London Festival Orchestra and Jimmy McGriff. My favorite songs on this cd are prolly Frosty the Snowman (Rondo Brothers Remix) and The Nutcracker Suite (Baz Kuts Breaks Mix).

#1 CD of all time? “John Denver & The Muppets – A Christmas Together” Though every other song on CD is a slow, boring song by John Denver. But the mostly Muppet-sung songs make up for that.

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Laura K.
19 years ago

ah, yes, the muppets. no one tops the muppets!


Laura K.
19 years ago

erik: happy 2005! i know this year holds all imaginative possibilities for you. good luck, and hope to see you soon!