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25th Anniversary

Twenty-five years ago yesterday I watched an incredible Japanese anime robot movie. At least I remember it being incredible, I was ten years old. It was on right before the Chicago Bear’s victory in Super Bowl XX. I remember wanting to watch the lead-up stuff to the Super Bowl, but I saw this movie on channel 32 and it really captured my attention. Every year during Super Bowl season, I am reminded of this movie. It is my wish to find out what movie this was. It’s possible it was Robotech, but I’m not convinced. I don’t remember there being too many humans in the movie.

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  1. Matt Maldre January 27, 2011 at 9:13 am #

    Are you willing to pay $5.24 to find out? The Super Bowl was on January 26, 1986. The TV Guide issue for that date is January 25-31, 1986. The cover features Joan Collins. And it’s very PINK.

    Here’s a link that does an ebay search for: “tv guide” 1986 “joan collins”

  2. Matt Maldre May 17, 2012 at 1:38 pm #

    I just emailed the Chicago Public LIbrary this:
    Greetings, oh wonderful librarian of the Chicago Public Library. I have a challenging question for you. I am wondering if you have an archive of TV Guide magazines. I’m specifically looking for the issue of anuary 25-31, 1986. I am trying to find out what was the name of the movie on channel 32 before the Superbowl that year. Any help you can give would be MUCH appreciated. I’m doing this search for my twin brother who has been trying to remember what this movie was for years. Every time there is a Super Bowl, he wonders what that movie was that he saw in 1986. We were 11 years old at the time. The movie was some great japanese robot movie. We would love to find the name of the movie.

  3. Matt Maldre May 21, 2012 at 7:38 am #

    Are you ready to get your mind exploded? The Chicago Public Library responded to my answer.

    We indeed have the TV Guide on Microfilm and was able to assertain the answer to your question.

    The afternoon of 1/26/1985 Channel 32 showed two movies before the Super Bowl was broadcast at 4pm.

    1) At Noon — The Three Stooges in Orbit (1962) 2 hours.
    2) 2pm — Robotix (1985) An animated children’s series chronicaling the robot wars. 2 hours.

    So the answer is #2.

    In addition, here is a link to the Internet Movie Database about that film.

    And just for extra fun…

    enjoy!! And thanks for thinking of the Chicago Public Library

    Robert S.
    Art Reference Librarian
    Why this response is so cool:
    1) He responded.
    2) He told me that they do have them on microfilm
    3) But totally super cool is that he took the time to look it up on micro-film. He coulda just told me that they have it on microfilm and asked me to come in. But he looked it up himself.
    4) And then he not only told me the answer, but he gave me other possible options.
    5) And then he didn’t stop there, he gave me links to not only IMDB. But also a link to a photo of the toys from the movies.

    The librarians at the Chicago Public Library rule.

    And then if this answer wasn’t enough to blow our minds, Erik and I totally had those Robotix toys! I remember enjoying playing with them. I really liked how they had a real motor, so you make them move and do things.

    It makes me wonder if because Erik (and maybe I saw the movie too, i don’t remember) saw this movie, then he told our parents we wanted the toys.

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