2016 Olympics voting rigged! Rio conspirarcy against Chicago

In order to knock out Chicago, it looks like between 8 to 17 Rio Supporters voting for Madrid and Tokyo in the first round.

The explanation of how this happened

It’s all about the numbers. Here’s the results of the IOC votes on 10/2/09:

First Round
28 Madrid
26 Rio
22 Tokyo
18 Chicago

Second Round
46 Rio
29 Madrid
20 Tokyo

Third Round
66 Rio
32 Madrid

In round two, after Chicago was eliminated, Madrid gained only one vote and Tokyo LOST two votes. It’s hard to believe that ALL 18 votes for Chicago would go to Rio after the first round. It’s even harder to believe that two Tokyo supporters would change their mind after the first round.

Some of the IOC Rio supporters knew Chicago was the hands down favorite. So they got together and decided that a certain percentage of their faction would vote for Tokyo and Madrid. More false votes for Tokyo and Madrid in round one left Chicago with the least amount of votes.

At the end of the day the IOC Rio supporters didn’t need to screw over Chicago in the first round. They had wound up with 26 votes in the first round and still had a percentage of their faction voting for Tokyo and Madrid. So Rio would have won in the end regardless. I believe not all IOC Rio supporters were in on this questionable voting plot. There was a percentage of the Rio supporters that thought they needed to split their vote in the first round in order to make Chicago unnaturally dead last. This reality TV alliance voting mentality undermines the spirit of the Olympics. It’s sad to see such fraudulent tactics employed to push out a candidate city.

One city is eliminated and you would think that Tokyo would gain votes, not lose votes. And Madrid gained only 1 vote after Chicago was kicked out? The heavy favorite got swindled. I hope others will look deeply into this 2016 Olympic fraud vote conspiracy.


There was no blunders or errors in the hours leading up to the vote which would have changed the odds. Both Obamas gave inspired speeches in Chicago’s final presentation.

Here’s the odds by several British bookmakers to prove just how much Chicago was the favorite:

Chicago, 8-11
Rio de Janeiro, 11-4
Tokyo, 5-1
Madrid, 8-1

Chicago, 4-5
Rio de Janeiro, 12-5
Tokyo, 5-1
Madrid, 10-1

Chicago, 8-11
Rio de Janeiro, 11-4
Tokyo, 5-1
Madrid, 8-1

Chicago, 4-5
Rio de Janeiro, 9-4
Tokyo, 6-1
Madrid, 13-1