2016 Olympic t-shirts for sale

The Chicago 2016 shops on the main floor of Macy
s State Street and Water Tower Place stores will sell long-sleeved t-shirts with Chicago’s Olympic bid logo and slogan.

s has printed 2,016 numbered shirts; the shirts are $30, and the committee will get a portion of each sale.

I think they’re going at this the wrong way. The only people who will buy one of these t-shirts will be hardcore Olympic junkies (like myself) and rich people. They need to market these t-shirts to the masses. Sell them for $10. Put them in all the department stores. Buy them online. The Olympic spirit is a global phenomenon for all the world. Why sell these t-shirts to a limited few? As a self-professed Olympic junkie, I probably won’t even buy the t-shirt. 30 bucks for a t-shirt is a crime against society.

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17 years ago

Macy’s! When they dropped the Marshall Field’s name they officially became dead to me!