2004 Olympics. Day 12. Decathlon.

Tuesday August 24… Erki Nool, 2000 Olympic Decathlon gold medalist, finished 8th in the 2004 Olympic Decathlon.

However, the coolest part of this Olympic’s Decathlon was the final event, the 1500 meters. It was hilarious. There were 15 decatheltes standing around. It looked more like a social hour than an Olympic race. Erki Nool was chatting and laughing with Chiel Warners from the Netherlands. Then they all eventually walked up to the line in no random order.

As the runners crossed the finish line, they stopped immediately. All of them had their hands on their knees and they slowly fell to the ground one by one. What made it so strange is that ALL the runners did this right at the finish line. There were all in one bunch there. So about 12 athletes cross the line and the remaining 3 had to dodge the others as they finished the race. It was really funny.

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Laura K.
19 years ago

apparently Estonians are quite the social butterflies. how did they fare in their total medal count? although, i must say…. i think those total medal counts are bullcrap. it’s not a measure of the viability or validity of a country. it’s sort of irrelevant. or at least not representative of the relevance of a country. if i was my own country, i would have zero medals, because i am not an athletic person. but this would not reflect my total validity as an entity. i have lots of other qualities, like artistic and introspective and individualistic and stuff like that.… Read more »

Matt Maldre
19 years ago

the olympics! that’s so long ago.