2004 Olympics. Day 08. Heavy Ball Toss.

Friday August 20… Oh man, I can’t remember the name of the event where big people throw a heavy ball as far as they can. I’ll call it Heavy Ball Toss.

The event was held where the ancient Greeks held their Olympics. Bob Costas was giddy. He loved the symbolism of having a 2004 Olympic event held on Ancient Olympic soil. And Bob was rightfully giddy. Though it would have been more effective if they limited the amount of technology allowed to cover the event. There were too many cameras and cables and crap lying around. The Olympic organizers should have done a better job of containing the media for this event.

Yet, no matter the setting it is still entertaining watching big, fat men twirl in circles and throw small heavy ball, then scream like madmen. That’s really the best part.

The only track and field image i have is of the hurdles. Somehow, weightlifting seems to fit this post better than hurdles. Maybe they should make the Heavy Ball Toss participants compete in hurdles. That would be fun.