2004 Olympics. Day 05. Sailing.

Tuesday August 17… I was all pumped to watch Judo on the Bravo Channel from 11pm-12 midnight. They wound up covering Sailing from 11-11:30. Now I’m a big fan of the lesser known sports in the Olympics. But Sailing was incredibly boring to watch. (And I used to watch Home Shopping Network as a kid for kicks.) Their main camera angle of the event was an aerial. So all you see is dozens of white triangles moving in different directions. The announcer was terrible. He is the most monotone, unexcitable announcer ever. It didn’t help that he was reading from a script. It was a bizzare experience.

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Matt Maldre
19 years ago

maybe they were trying to make you fall asleep, so they can pump subliminal messages into your olympic-crazed brain