2004 Olympics. Day 04. Judo.

Monday August 16… Judo! Judo! Judo! I love Judo. It is my new, favorite Olympic event.

They look like brothers fighting. They don’t want to throw full swings and put the other one in the hospital, but they want to knock the other one down and show dominance. It kinda reminds me of bears fighting, too. However, Judoists sometimes end up a bit bloody from having their face rubbed in the mat. Maybe they should look into playing on grass or something.

Judo is not like boxing where they beat each other to a bloody pulp. It’s not like wrestling (the real kind, not WWE) where the opponents get a little too comfortable competing with each other if you know what I mean… too much grabbing where grabbing shouldn’t happen. And wrestlers wear those tightie spandex outfits. Too much information, please. Judoists wear those cool a55 kung-fu outfits.

It’s a wild, yet controlled sport. It can be lightning-fast. A match can be over in 3 seconds. It doesn’t drag on like some sports. Wham bam. That’s a match. One second you see them jockeying for a good hold, then a split second later one guy is flipped at a crazy angle and is on the floor.

And they have all these crazy terms. Judo is from Japan so everything is Japanese. You have to give Japan credit. They have alot of cool things going for them: Iron Chef, MXE, and now Judo. Japan, you are king of cool things to show on TV.

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