2 years of the Map on a Stick series

Two days ago (January 27, 2010) was the two year anniversary of the first sale of a Map on a Stick painting. That first sale was “Texas on a Stick (The Road to Texas) No. 1” shown above.

Since then, I have sold 274 paintings from the Map on a Stick series. That averages out to be 0.38 paintings every single day for two years. So basically it’s a little more than 1 painting every 3 days. It’s also 2.63 paintings a week and 11.4 paintings a month.

The first painting sold for $10. That price point lasted for one month until it went to $15 which was for three months. From that point until January 2010 the paintings were $25. Now they go for $39. These dollar amounts are for the 8×10 paintings only. They don’t include 16×20 or 18×24.

I have probably about 15-20 paintings currently in stock which means number 300 will be coming up soon. Maybe that one will be painted in gold paint or something crazy.

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Matt Maldre
14 years ago

You’ve sold 11 paintings a month? That’s cool! I’m gonna tweet that!

14 years ago

Just read about this on twitter … Congrats! Your Maps on a Stick are awesome!
I have my eye on IL … oh and NY! (checked them out on etsy).

Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

Congratulations! That’s fantastic!