1997 Illinois Wesleyan School of Art show poster

This weekend is Homecoming at my ala mater, Illinois Wesleyan University. I graduated in 1997, so it’s the 10 year anniversary. Above is the Senior Art Show poster that I art directed, designed, printed, and distributed. (The official name of the show was 1997 Illinois Wesleyan University School of Art Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts Exhibition.) The 300dpi hi-res jpg of the poster is available for free download at flickr.com.

Each student selected the subject matter to replace their photo in their student ID. And yes, that is the actual ID of each student (with Soc # altered through Photoshop). The poster was a big hit. I was told that the frat boys liked it so much that they kept stealing them off the walls. Any designer loves to hear that people are taking their work off the walls to take home. It’s like the ultimate compliment to a designer.

Represented starting in the upper left column going down: Erik Maldre, Naoko Harada, Bekki Herrmann, Jennifer Goggin, Jim Boborci, Bruce Clark, Emmy Linman.
Right column top to bottom: Laura Kesselring, Angie Nettleton, Matt Maldre (graduated with Honors), Joanna Goebel, Matthew Shultz (my apologies for the incorrect spelling on the poster), Andy Matznick, and Julie Janetopoulos.

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Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

That’s very very cool

Bekki Herrmann has a lotta double letters in her name! I’m almost jealous!

16 years ago

I still have my poster. My dad had it framed for me after graduation. I wonder if I still have my necklace too! [top right ID] I bought that charm at a thrift store for like $1. I should start wearing it again. Look how beat-up some of the IDs were.

And where are all these people now? I wonder what they are doing. I know what some of them are doing, but not everyone.