$1 calendars at Borders

Get over to your local Borders NOW! It’s that time of year for $1 calendars. I was at the Borders in Oak Brook and they had TONS of calendars. The weird thing is that I was there a couple weeks ago and the calendars were $4 and there was a very, very small selection.

Some themes off the top of my head include: cats, countless varieties of dogs including four different pug calendars, dolphins, tigers, turtles, chickens, Star Trek ships, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals (wtf?), William Wegman dogs, soccer, surfers, skateboarders, LOST, Desperate Housewives, Hannah Montana, SI Swimsuit models, hunks of TV Soaps, tiki girls, Spider-Man, Incredible Huk, Iron Man, flowers, light towers, and more. I didn’t look at the day-to-day tear-off calendars cuz I never have that high of a level of commitment to keep up with those.

Unfortunately the only art calendars they had was Van Gogh. And they had one opened calendar of Spain and no other travel calendars. I got my hands on the very last pop-up Marvel comics calendar and the very last antique maps calendar.

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Matt Maldre
15 years ago

DOLLAR CALENDARS!? I thought i missed out on this.